Diagnosing, preventing, and treating malocclusions, or improperly aligned teeth and jaws, are the focus of the specialized branch of dentistry known as orthodontics. It is essential for the function and health of the teeth and jaws and for aesthetic reasons.

Incorrectly positioned teeth can interfere with breathing, speaking, and even chewing. Dentists that specialize in treating dental and facial anomalies are known as orthodontists. These issues can be resolved with orthodontic care, enhancing general health and well-being. Numerous orthodontists in Upper East Side, New York, offer patients high-quality services.

Orthodontists in Upper East Side are very skilled and knowledgeable in treating a variety of orthodontic ailments, from minor cosmetic difficulties to severe functional problems. To rectify misaligned teeth and jaws, these specialists provide a variety of treatment methods, such as lingual braces, clear aligners, and traditional braces.

Why choose Orthodontists in Upper East Side

Enhancing the appearance of a smile is one of the main reasons people seek orthodontic treatment. Upper East Side orthodontists provide a range of cosmetic procedures to improve smiles because they value their patients' appearance. Adults who wish to straighten their teeth without the unmistakable look of metal braces frequently choose the Invisalign transparent aligner system.

Orthodontists in Upper East Side collaborate closely with other dental professionals to give their patients comprehensive care. To create individualized treatment programmes that are catered to each patient's unique needs, they work in conjunction with regular dentists, periodontists, and oral surgeons. They offer the following:

Invisalign works

Invisalign is a practical alternative for patients with busy lifestyles because it is nearly unnoticeable and can be taken out while eating or brushing your teeth. Using a set of transparent, removable aligners, teeth can be gradually moved into the correct position.

Traditional braces

High-quality stainless steel brackets and wires are used in metal braces to straighten teeth. More orthodontists now offer custom-coloured brackets to give the orthodontic treatment a unique flair. Today's braces are significantly thinner and more comfortable than in the past.

Lingual braces

Orthodontist in Long Island City can provide lingual braces, a discreet alternative to regular braces and traditional braces. Since lingual braces are affixed to the back of the teeth, they are undetectable from the front. This makes them a fantastic choice for those who want a private treatment alternative.

Furthermore, many orthodontists in the Upper East Side provide specialized services like early orthodontic intervention for kids, surgical orthodontics for adults, and sleep apnea therapy.


Upper East Side orthodontists provide a selection of top-notch orthodontic procedures to help patients' teeth and jaws look, feel, and operate better. These experts can assist you in getting the smile you've always wanted, whether you require traditional braces, clear aligners, or lingual braces. Orthodontist in Long Island City is an excellent option for anyone needing orthodontic treatment due to their knowledge and dedication to patient care.

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